Watch Our Service Online

The best way to watch our services is on Facebook Live on a device that has the Facebook App installed. If you are watching through your browser it may be jittery. If you don't have Facebook you can tune into Youtube Live but there are currently technical difficulties with quality. After the service has finished come back at 2pm and you can watch a High Quality replay on Youtube. For best quality watch the service in full screen. Tilt your device into landscape. Listen on headphones

Replay is ready within minutes of the end of the live service

Weekly News Broadcast

Each week we will be recording an informative chat that aims at keeping everyone up to date with the family news for the week. If you would like to add anything to this, please let Martyn, Phil, or the office know. To access previous news broadcasts or any other content from OBC please visit our Youtube OBC Channel 

Click the camera to upload your content for the Sunday Services