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Welcome to Orpington Baptist Church Music Resources. This site is a central place for information, communication and access to the resources relevant to music and technical teams. This does not replace the main OBC website. We want to make this a place to share not only technical information and rota/diary details but also our Ethos and basic team guidelines.


The word Ethos has the idea of a particular spirit or culture. The following sections portray an ideal spirit and culture for those involved in leading worship at OBC. This as a goal to achieve and not a bar to pass. 


Our ethos is unique to OBC. It is important that these underlying values are understood so we have a common understanding and vision. We include both the music team and the technical team under the heading of "worship team". We are all involved in helping people to experience God on a Sunday.




What is worship?


The term "worship" is often used to describe the church service and music, however these are merely tools that help bring us to an experience of true worship. Biblically, worship is not music or a service. Below are 2 core truths that will help us grasp what kind of worship we are really called to lead. 


  • Life worship. Seeking to serve and honour God with our lives. Transforming our words, deeds and character into His image. It is not always easy, part of our life worship is also about endurance and honesty in the difficulty. Music coming from that place is pleasing to Him and will contain a potency that can be felt as we lead people on a Sunday.

  • Horizontal worship is as important as vertical worship. Loving God and loving people. God hates worship that misses the horizontal! In Amos 5v23 the bible describes bad worship as a noise that God hates. Not music that was out of tune but music and rituals focussed towards God being more important than the brotherly love of horizontal worship. 

Worship at OBC

Being part of the worship team at OBC means we are willing participants on a life transformation journey, and striving to love, respect and serve one another better. By modelling this we can be certain that the core of our worship will be pleasing to God, and this is the kind of worship we want to lead at OBC.

Upon this foundation of life worship, we can now look at some key things that will enable us to better serve the Church with our skills that will enable people to better encounter God on a Sunday. 



Personal Responsibility

You are on the team because you have a desire to serve the Church with your abilities. However, we all need to grow. It is our personal responsibility to improve our skills and our worship through practice. Practice makes progress. If you are aware of a gap in your skill proficiency, do all you can by…



Being aware of what you need to improve your skill (this often requires listening to criticism)


Seeking out online resources or using the resources on this website can help you grow


Private tuition, it may cost but consider that as part of your contribution to the Church



Make a point of coming along to the practices, organised training sessions and jam sessions




Invisibility Checklist

We have within our hands the power to facilitate an encounter with God or to facilitate an atmosphere of distraction. On a Sunday, Invisibility is key, so that people can focus on God. Distracting elements can be.


For musicians

Wrong Notes

Better not to play a particular chord, note or drum fill if you are unsure

Too much

Simplifying what you are doing can bring space to the music. Not playing and leaving the right gaps is key


Make sure your instrument is tuned and adjusting tuning if it drifts


Drummers and Guitarists have Sovereignty over the tempo, we are all in your hands! You've got the wheel. Once your speed drifts we have not choice but to go with you. Recognise your responsibility, practice playing with a metronome or alongside youtube videos to help improve your timing perception.​​


Sensing what is appropriate to play at any time in the service. Keep an eye on the worship leader. It may be that he feels that all instruments should stop playing and let just the voices be heard


We need to know the songs, and be able to play and sing them. If you have not practiced during the week it's ok to speak up refrain from playing or singing it.


The time before services are precious. Be ready to start and refrain from too much chatting

For Technical teams

Overhead not following

You need to be at the pre service run through to iron out any discrepancies and practice running through the songs with the band. During the service listen and be observant to the worship leader who will indicate any repeats. Don't just press the next button.

Sound awareness

Sound people need to listen to the balance of the sound in the room. Headphones off! Can I hear the instruments and voices clearly from the speakers? What is happening on the stage, who is about to speak? Who can't be heard? Keep alert and eyes on the stage at all times.

For us all

Our attitudes

We are all human and are constantly missing the mark. There is a skill that we need to maintain in order to remain as invisible as possible, our attitude. Towards what we are doing, towards eachother, towards God. Proverbs 15, "a Kind word turns away wrath", and model the attitude of Christ who gave up his personal privileges. in Phillipians 2v5-11.  Sometimes an unkind word, or toxic attitude can set off an avalanche, be responsible. Remember why we are doing this. To lead God's people to an encounter with Him.


Guidelines on a Sunday Morning / Evening


Because time is limited on a Sunday before the service, here are some general timing guidelines that will help us be ready for the start of the service.


Morning Service

9:15am - Sound, Musicians and Singers arrive to set up / warm up.

9:30am - Basic Sound Check - Mics, Instruments (check that everything works ok and general level set)

9:30 - 10:20 - Music, Sound and Visuals team run through the songs, adjusting the Keys of the songs, Sound balance, and any word discrepancies as we go. 

10:20 - 10:30 Team prays in on the stage (so we are visible to the congregation, we are already beginning to lead)

10:30 Service starts


Evening Service

(generally less songs and more informal).

5:30pm - Musicians and singers arrive and set up equipment / Warm up.

5:45pm - Songs run through. (often people will enter the room and join in during the run through)

6:30pm - Service begins (The whole room prays at the start rather than a separate team on the stage)



Office Music Prep


A song list is sent out on a Monday

Please look the songs up on Youtube and do ask if you are unsure what the  correct song is.



Chords and Music score are emailed out

PLEASE NOTE - The music is just for reference. The keys will generally not match the youtube videos or what we will end up singing on Sunday. Songs and Hymns are often written in an unsuitable key for congregational singing! Sometimes we will only know on a Sunday if a song will be too high/low. It is an ongoing issue with the flexibility of electronic music displays that each week a song could be in a different key depending on how songs lead into eachother or how they feel when they are sung together as a group. Using the transpose function on the Keyboard or a Capo on Guitar or Bass is a solution. If someone really needs to we can stick with a written key if it will help someone to feel more comfortable with a particular song. We don't want technical difficulty to become a barrier! But be willing to try, (you may be pleasantly surprised that you have underestimated your ability to be flexible).




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